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  Friday, 14 January 2022
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Essay on "My Favorite Color"

We all like it when the sun shines outside. And if this sun shines also in our clothes or other things that surround us, it is twice as pleasant. That's why I love the color yellow.

It is bright and positive and lifts our mood. Sometimes just looking at something yellow makes me feel good. I think that's why I like yellow clothes and accessories so much. The t-shirts, socks, wellies, umbrella and rain gear in my closet have this cheerful hue. Of course, you can use https://payforessay.pro/ for writing brilliant essays.

Yellow is also the color of fall. A time when nature is in magical change and the trees growing outside the window are dressed in gorgeous festive outfits. I truly enjoy walking through lush parks and picking up the fallen golden leaves. You can write academic papers for money on Payforessay.pro to avoid typical writing mistakes.

Autumn is also a time of harvest. Filled apples, melons, and corn are also peculiar symbols of it. I love having these juicy fruits and vegetables on my table. But what I like best are the bright yellow bananas.

Yellow comes in many shades. And each one is charged with a certain emotion. Lemon, sunshine and pineapple are definitely the most positive in this range. Gold and honey bring luxury and nobility. Fire excites the imagination and calls for action, while mustard, on the contrary, brings melancholy. Friend, you can buy capstone project for sale to make your homework essay.

I prefer clean, light colors, which breathe fresh and create a cheerful mood. These are the colors I prefer to see in paintings when I go to a fine art museum, I also try to surround myself with them in real life.

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