Sellacious brings intuitive and efficient solutions to electronics industry challenges.

Sellacious helps you simplify your product catalog turning it effortless and schematic, Empower just a few clicks to let the designers find you. Become a vendor of their choice and skyrocket your business.

What makes Sellacious different

B2B Sales

We assist you achieve more sales by putting you in front of design engineers and global marketplaces.


Upload your inventory at the speed of light. Not bragging but with our inbuilt tools, you can import an inventory with million of part numbers just under 2 minutes.


Sellacious presents an easy to understand User interface. Not only it is pleasing to eyes, This UI has been made especially for engineers.


Sellacious product catalogues have been optimised keeping search engines on the table. This helps you gain the earmarked traffic to your website, ergo increase in the revenue.


Cost Reduction

Sellacious helps in automating the traditional business processes. Our Clients have been able to reduce their techincal operations cost by 45% after using Sellacious.

Growth Rate

With our easy to find search engine friendly catalogues, Our clients have gained huge amount of targeted traffic to their website.

Revenue Increased

With lower operating costs and increase in targeted traffic, Our clients have been able to increase their revenues considerably.

Manage Complex Inventory with ease

Sellacious is designed to handle complex inventory of electronics industry. We anchor to handle manufacturers, part numbers and series. At Sellacious, we understand compound and advanced inventory, management and sales in the electronic component industry. Not only we handle it well in our database, but we also showcase it to make selection and decision process easy for the end client.

Sell/Lease/Rent in a click

Unlike other software solutions, Sellacious has taken care the need to offer you an architecture which enables to sell,lease or rent your electronic equipment, according to the need indeed.You can even manage warranties and RMAs with our inbuilt system. Whether you are selling your electronic equipment offline or online, Sellacious is there to help you.

Smart RFQ Process

RFQ (Request For Quote) is important to any business. Sellacious allows you to RFQ a the single product as well as for products in bulk. Once RFQ is received seller/admin can see the requests in the backend as RFQ order, which then can be carried either offline Quote or online quotes. All business modules are tightly coupled to a seamless experience.

Inbuilt Negotiation

Sellacious offers you a system of inbuilt negotiation, in which a customer can chat with you or sellers to negotiate the price. The chat you had with the customer will be private. Thus, the negotiation you had with that customers, won't affect your other customers or sales. One negotiation is done, The preferred pricing module can save price per user.

Client Preferred Pricing

When a client or organization negotiate the price with you, in sellacious you can set the negotiate price only for that specific client/organization. You can also set discounts/coupons and offers for a specific customer or user categories. In sellacious, you can also decide if these discount/offers will be in currency or %.

Bulk Pricing & Buying Options

Sellacious allows you to save quantity wise bulk pricing, special pricing applicable on particular date range, client category wise pricing. You can choose this Bulk pricing to be a flat price or %age additive in base list price. Bulk Pricing in sellacious is definitely at the next level.

Order Modification

Sellacious allows you to set user permission of modifying orders or adding new order from backend or by APIs, this is particularly very helpful when your clients are calling you to place or edit orders.

Repeat Order in Single Click/Subscribe

Single click reorder allows a user to save time, efforts and increase revenue for a website owner. Orders can be manually reordered on a single click or subscription can setup for automatic reordering on certain intervals.

Smart Products/Parts Search

You can smart search by part number, product name, category name, location, store or dealer, any many more dynamic fields, along with cross search tags of competition which help to show your product in the search result if your competitor's product is searched for, this also can be used to search related products.

Engineer Friendly Catalog

Your customers might not be one who is looking for big broad images of products, they are usually working professional engineers exploring your catalog for quick product finding based on technical values they have handy for a project and need compact tubular views with engineer friendly layouts. Sellacious understands this requirement and we know how important engineer friendliness of the layout must be, our compact list views with inbuilt filters and sort allow very quick access to exact part your user is looking for.

Engineer Friendly Product Filter

Sellacious offers you engineer friendly filters for products/categories. Quick filters based on technical values, location, store, or any dynamic value your stores can filter. If a product is already available in your catalog, they can order that product or can request for the quotation.

Advance Smart Search

Advance smart allows you to search the product you want in your desired configuration from millions of products. You can search the product with their sellers/manufacturers or their specifications. Sellacious provides an inbuilt and easily manageable attribute builder, you can mark these dynamic attribute as filterable. on frontend your user can select from these filters and when he will click "search now" it will provide very refined results.

Product Configurator

In sellacious, your 500 part numbers creating hundred of thousand combinations? we can create a single page configurator for your catalog where the user can configure the technical values, and bring the desired part number. this keeps the catalog simple and part is dynamically created for RFQ or add to cart. You can assign price to dynamically created part by price rules and much more.

API First Architecture and Inventory Manager

Send receive data running on our super fast and super secured Rest APIs. Live real-time data available running on Sockets. Be it your production robots, POS devices installed on your third-party applications, sellacious can easily be integrated into your applications or IOT devices. Sellacious APIs utilize sockets for bipolar connections and provide real-time secured data feeds for your infrastructure.

Sales Channel Manager

are you planning for different websites for your distributor or locations? you can keep inventory and catalog on one single website and then can connect your parent website with other child connections, based on filters and rules only selected inventory will be synced on those websites and with special price or RFQ rules. the entire system and communication will stay secured on bulletproof servers :)

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