Which one is better - WOOCOMMERCE DOKAN or SELLACIOUS ?

Dokan is a WordPress plugin and Sellacious is a standalone application for building an ecommerce marketplace. Though there is the splendid number of platforms available in the market, Sellacious is the best available platform you can ever think of. It is a lucrative eCommerce application builder for online entrepreneurs with an aspiration of creating and managing the marketplace to serve multiple vendors around the globe as a platform to sell their products. With both Sellacious and Dokan, in a multi-seller marketplace admin gives authority to regional sellers to set up and run their store and show their presence at an international level. It is a hub where space could be utilized to manage all aspects of their operations and grow their business.

Sellacious and Woocommerce Dokan comes with an intuitive backend that works on the plug and play functionality. Even the sellers with a minimum knowledge of ‘How to create and manage an online store?’ could start their eCommerce application with bare minimum efforts and time. It is over the store owner and their vendors on how to leverage the power of professionally designed and maintained a storefront and ensure that their customer has the best shopping experience without any hassle. We do understand that not everyone persists the technological stack and thus Sellacious comes up with an uncountable number of templates to cater to various business use cases. 


Sellacious is the most popular and heavily used website building platform with over 8000 websites around the globe. A store owner who is an eCommerce aspirant should understand that this is not a standalone eCommerce application building platform. It is just a plugin. Hence, there are many features which may not be offered by Woocommerce itself and need the support of other plugins as well which may be paid as well. 

Some of the major drawbacks of WooCommerce are:

  • The frequency of updates by the core team is low.
  • It is hard to multi-currency.
  • The feature of “Wishlist” is hard to implement in Woocommerce application.
  • A store owner who may not possess technical knowledge may find it hard to implement by themselves and end up outsourcing the task of building and maintaining the online store to a third-party developer. Needs some knowledge of two platforms: WordPress and WooCommerce, for efficient administration.
  • The initial cost or let say the capital cost for a Woocommerce website is not cheap.
  • Expert knowledge is required when new functionality is required to be added. Specialist E-commerce site builders are needed in order to implement a robust site.
  • Since Woocommerce does not fulfill the eCommerce funnel itself you need to install Dokan extension to implement multi-vendor marketplace to your store.
  • It doesn’t come with free hosting. So you will need to pay for it separately.

Marketplace Features:

  • No feature for package and shipment rating. Rating badges are not available for vendors. Guest shoppers cannot rate the products and vendors.
  • District, Zip, and Suburb filter for shipping rule cannot be created. Shipping rules for specific Manufacturer and Min-Max quantity filter shipping rule can be created neither by the store owner nor the vendor.
  • Per-user coupon usage limit, Maximum discount on single-use, client category filter for coupon, shipping, and billing address filter based coupons, Country, state, district, suburb, zip filter for coupons, and Product quantity filter for coupons cannot be created using Dokan.
  • Rule on Rule (hierarchical tax/discount rules) for tax and discount, Cart rules, Fixed/% rules, Bill amount filter for tax/discount, Client category based tax/discount cannot be created by the store administrator. The owner can only activate or deactivate the tax and discount rule. They can't set the start and end date of the rule.
  • Sellers cannot sell products on EMI using Dokan.

Sellacious overcomes all the shortcomings of Dokan and WooCommerce as a whole. Fully packed with customizable features for promos, products, customers, vendors, and operations Sellacious stores can be managed through a centralized dashboard. Admin as well the vendors have their own dashboards and controls. Centralization enables to inline the process like adding the item to their listing, adding details and description about them, upload multiple images, communicate with their customers, tracking their shipping, generate discount and tax rules, create coupons to fetch more customers and retain the existing customer base. Besides that, a store owner can have a detailed and rich look of reports that help them make better business decisions.

Dokan support more than 25 languages and thus translates the store text into the language of the customers. Sellacious provides integration with leading payment gateways helping you receive your payments easily and securely. Options like Paypal and stripe are portable to be used with any of the Sellacious stores. Stripe connect helps store owner to manage the payouts to the vendors in a safe way. With all such services to provide a store owner can easily reach the audience globally.


Sellacious would help increase your sales by converting your single online store into a multi-vendor marketplace with better ROI guaranteed than you would get on investing your resources on other platforms.

Create a multidimensional eCommerce site like Amazon or niche market-based eCommerce like Car Rentals, Booking, Photography shops, Book Stores, Auction, Fashion, Travel and much more.

For a vendor who wants all the vendor’s selling features available from the frontend of the Sellacious website.

Overview of Dokan Features

Marketplace with Independent Stores

The platform gives all the vendors a customized storefront so that the vendor in a marketplace feels empowered in changing their interface as per their requirements and customers likings..

Multiple Product Types

A seller can list hundreds of products which can be of the same category or different. Products can be simply physical, electronic, grouped and bookable. A vendor has endless opportunities to sell.

Responsive Themes

Sellacious features its own templates to cater to various business scenarios and that too which are customizable. All of them are 100% responsive to all screen sizes.

Stylish Storefronts

There is no need for a vendor to persist the technical knowledge of ‘How To Change The Storefront’. Simple template editor enables the vendors to change the template as per their requirements. Sellacious store themes would avail contain special placement for branding, professional looks with store location and public ratings. Each template is handcrafted with perfection in assurance to global user interface standards.

Frontend Dashboard For Vendors

Owners and their vendor get access to their dedicated dashboards that would allow easy handling of product inventory, sales and transactions reports,  top-selling products and highly rated vendors, orders, discounts, and coupons.

Earn From Each Sale

A fair and transparent commission scheme allows both the stakeholder to share the benefits and success. Commission rules could be set by an admin to charge the vendors globally either as a part of the monthly plan or on each product.

Store Insights with Reports and Statement

Vendors could get the bird’s eye view of the store performance through the dynamic and easy to understand reports generated on the dashboard.

Coupon Management

More discounts and coupons always help retain the existing customer base and fetch more customers. Exciting coupons, discounts, and notifications could be created by the vendor during sales or off-season. A vendor can set the coupon expiry and restrictions. Restrictions could be the maximum value redemption of coupon or minimum cart value for applicability of the coupon.

Order Management

Vendors can manage their own orders, categories them as delivered, pending, perform shipping activities and track shipment, view shipping and billing address, and generate invoices.

Easy Customer Refund Process

Customers could directly request the refund from vendors. All admin has to do is review the request and issue a flag for refund processing

Review Product Publishing

Vendors and products can be star rated and reviewed by the customers. The store owner can also enable this feature for visiting customers who haven’t bought the products if they want to. Customer satisfaction and good reviews help other customers to develop trust and buy from the genuine seller.


Let the customers look for the local vendors according to the GPS location.

Easy Withdraw System

Admin can submit the withdrawal request to the admin through frontend panel. An admin can set the payout threshold, cycle, and also process refunds to the customers.

Live Chat

This feature lets the vendor give live support to the enrolled customers.

Vendor Review

A good word of mouth of a satisfied customer is far much better organic marketing than the paid marketing. In business when a vendor gain a reputation in the marketplace, it becomes proportionally difficult to retain it. On any good eCommerce marketplace it is essential that quality and trusted products are only listed for sale. Of all the clever way to control the content posted, the best way to review the vendors individually and the products they sell. This can be done only through the customer’s ratings and reviews.

Stripe Connect

There can be multiple business use cases where an individual has to pay directly to the vendor rather than to the platform. Then businesses also need to take out their split from the amount received by the vendor.No, not anymore. Establishing payment architecture with stripe connect make it easy for any eCommerce application to accept payment at any scale. You can now take online payment, set up a free trial version for the client, or just payout your vendor or to the marketplace admin/platform. Anything you can imagine with payment can be done with just a few lines of code in a matter of hours. Connect is a powerful API which makes it comparatively trivial to build a payment system and marketplace.

Vendor Profile Completeness

The vendor profile completeness measuring bar on vendor’s dashboard is a vision of the important data lacking as part of vendor information in-store database. A complete profile helps to gain more customer trust and thus encourage more sales.

Store Page SEO Management

Vendor can manage their store SEO metadata, store permalinks, and description from the frontend portal.

Social Profiles Integration for Vendors

Vendors can provide a link to their facebook, twitter, Instagram and other major social media platform pages on the storefront. Facebook stores could be also integrated with the store profile to promote cross sales as well.

Control Selling Capability

An admin can control the selling permission of a vendor. A seller could be restricted to sell any moment by the admin. Vendors could be also promoted to the “Trusted Vendor” based on the performance, for publishing directly on the storefront.

Complete Store Settings Control For Vendors

Vendors are the owners of their storefront. Admin can leverage vendors with certain features to decide upon whether to be enabled or not. It will be completely over the vendor what is good for their store.

Vendor Payment Method Setup

Sellacious supports almost all the leading payment methods which are capable of receiving payments at a global level. Vendors can manage their payment methods through the dashboard.

Shipping Management for Each Store

With Sellacious shipping, vendors can override the default shipping methods and set their own global shipping providers. Vendors are also leveraged to override the shipping rates for products.

Order and Earning Widget on the Vendor Dashboard

Vendors can have a quick look at their current sales and earn at any periodic time span.

The Types of Marketplaces Sellacious Help Creating

Traditional Marketplace

 Dokan Store for readymade garments, Electronic devices like Laptop, mobiles, tablets, Books, and magazines, Beauty care items, and handcrafted products.

Digital Marketplace

Audio and Video Media files, Paintings and photography, Video and 3D animation GIFs, Apps, eBooks, PDF or Word document, Themes, Software plugin, etc.

Service-Based Marketplace

A marketplace like Urbanclap where the service could be provided like Technician, Assistance, Spa services, Therapist, Childcare service, Tour and Travel, Beautician, and much more.

Try Before Buying! Absolutely Free!

Companies have different needs and specifications, thus it is always beneficial to practice and examines the platform before actually buying it. Since Sellacious is freely available and source code is open to being modified except the core files, custom development could be easily done.

Sellacious always advises its customers to try themselves first and then believe it. Try each and every available plugin and ask questions to the most respondent and highly generous customer care executives. Contact could be developed through support email, contact us form, live chat, social media or blogs, or the open public forum for discussion. There are more than 5000 eCommerce features to be offered for free or at nominal cost as compared to other platforms. A store owner could create the niche or multi vendor store within just 15 minutes with the Sellacious’s quickstart package.

The team of Sellacious have faith in our product and have confidence that our customers will be definitely benefited by this platform. The mission of the platform is to empower SME businesses as well as the individual vendors with the best user experience. Thus, they provide articles, documentation, testimonials, product images, detailed description about the product, manufacturer, seller, and the store, feature list, video, and other media files, access to social media profiles, and customer review so that you can buy only the trusted products

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