Frequently Asked Questions Related to Sellacious


How can I download Sellacious?
Downloading Sellacious is easy. You just need to go to our downloads page and choose from quickstart package or just extension.


How can I set Checkout Form Fields?
In Sellacious administrator panel, go to Global Configuration from Settings drop down menu. You have options to show or hide a particular checkout field in Address Fields section of Frontend Display Options tab. Also, you can add new checkout form fields from Additional Attributes.

Store Management

What’s the use of Special categories in Sellacious?
Special categories can be used to make a product stand out from others. To set up special categories visit here.


Why I am getting a blank page while accessing the site?
This problem occurs mostly due to permission issues on your server. Use CHMOD to make Folder permissions to be 755 and Files to be 644.


What's included in my plan?
You can check out what your plan has to offer here
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