Want an online store with the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Software?

An abandoned shopping cart is more frustrating than losing a customer in the beginning. In fact, according to the BI intelligence reports $4 trillion is the worth of abandoned cart annually. In contrast to that, it is also stated in the same report that it is 63% recoverable if accurate measures are taken. All it needs is to create a simple, flexible yet robust shopping cart software or the website.

Building a shopping cart software with so many features requires a multidimensional e-commerce application builder.

Features to look for your eCommerce shopping cart

Not all shopping cart software may work with only the merchant provided payment gateway options. A seller may also want to add on the additional payment methods. They may also want to customize the overall look of their shopping cart software. All efforts just to embrace the feel of the customers shopping experience and not frustrate them with basic gaudy templates.  

Sellacious offers some of the diverse online shopping carts features any e-commerce application builder has to offer today. The range of payment methods available or can be added is quite astounding. The interface allows the vendor to enable tax and shipping charges automatically on checkout.

Sellacious has integrated module for shipping to offer to its customers. It allows you to dynamically calculate the shipping charges based on the commission rules for the vendor and the carrier company. Besides that, you can also offer free shipping to user groups based on the cart rules to maintain the customer base or as a part of promotional activity.

Sellacious is free open source eCommerce application builder with more than 5000 features to create your own affordable shopping cart website or an application. The store interface has been appreciated by vendors making it easy for them to upload unlimited images, list products, create categories, and add content. All this without any server downtime and bandwidth issues.

Sellacious provide a space to sort the options aside and keep browsing. The vendor can also create a wishlist basket feature on the storefront for the user to buy later.

An at a glance ‘What’s there in the cart’. This is actually the price breakdown of the product and the other charges for each product in the cart. There is a need to detail everything about the product so as to make the customer knows the value of each option. This may also brief about the subscription schedule or the time period duration of any service requested. All these clarifications of prices is a necessity so as to decrease the chargeback.

An All-In-One Online Shopping Cart Builder

Yes, Sellacious is not just an advance online shopping cart builder application. It offers all the tools for you to accept online orders, take payments and distribute to your sellers, grow sales, handle shipping, and develop a website into an eCommerce shopping cart to generate revenue.

Use Sellacious Experts

Sometimes the requirements of a business are not met using the sellacious free version. The expert team of sellacious who has helped thousands of businesses does provide an option for custom development. Sellacious experts are professional designers and developers who can take your business to other heights. We understand the hassle associated with hosting, design constraints, and backend limitations. Our team bypasses them all.

Upsell your products

You can upsell a product and may provide additional service too. Believe us! This is a great way to increase average order value without a lot of work with Sellacious.

Clear path to checkout

It is quite self-explanatory. Definitely, the customer would refrain buying products from your store if the checkout is not that easy and user-friendly. Being the best online shopping cart system builder we keep a customer’s comfort always as our priority.

Technology Stack

For your customers, it means smart and hassle-free performance. For you as a backend controller, this online shopping cart builder translates to work faster, easier maintenance of your online store, and scalable to any extent. Descriptive documentation is a plus. All of which are easier on your pocket and thus help to create an affordable shopping cart.

Customer Grouping

Let the customers log in to your portal and make their shopping experience faster. Categorize customers on the basis of their location, purchase history, and many other parameters. Allow admin to create tax, discount, and shipping rules based on the customer category. Admin or the seller can also create coupons based on the same criteria.

A detailed insight into the customer’s shopping behavior

Who is purchasing from who and what they are buying? How a store owner can improve on their storefront to reflect their habits? Sellacious enabled the admin to view these details on the dashboard so that you can make influential business decisions.

SSL Certificate

In order to keep your customer’s information and business data secure, we issue an SSL certificate. Your store will include 256-bit SSL certificate.

Fast Checkout

Admin can make checkout faster by skipping all the unnecessary steps. No glitches, delays or hassles - with Sellacious, you can engage your customer in an easy checkout process.

We are PCI Compliant

Your store can accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and other major credit/debit cards with complete security. All because of Sellacious’s certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance.

No limit to the bandwidth

We provide unlimited bandwidth so that your website can handle the increasing traffic. Have no worries about the downtime. Sellacious take all the possible measure to ensure your e-commerce store is always available.

Coupons and discount codes

With Sellcaious take advantage of creating coupons and discounts and decide their usage policies as well. Such practices would promote your business and offer savings to your customer bu fixed amount, percentage or through other deals.

Impactful Email Marketing

Engage yourself with a regular practice of email marketing through available email plugins. Get your target audience through email campaigns.

Exquisite responsive mobile themes

Get an application as good as your e-commerce website for mobile and tablets. Select from the free, professionally designed e-commerce templates.

SEO your online store

We want the audience out there to find you on the web very easily. Sellacious support SEO best practices including meta description, H1 tags, and the title tags. Sellacious makes sure your store has a remarkable entry in the market. Comes with all the features to make your store marketing friendly.  We ensure that your storefront is easily searchable on the internet using various SEO techniques. Besides that, Sellacious offers various configurable features for logical marketing and SEO. We do it all for you.

Detailed Analytics

It is expected that a business owner must have a detailed insight as of what is going at their marketplace. We provide a website store builder that enables an admin to check who are the top-selling vendors. Detailed tax-based reports can be seen by the seller on the transaction dashboard. Coupon usage reports, transaction histories, trending products, revenue generated etc, Sellacious display them all. We help you track your progress in day to day run so that you can make business decisions.

Support 24x7

At Sellacious, we always welcome customers for support round-the-clock. We always target to uplift our service and maintain high standards. Listen from our customer TopDogTest, about our customer service and support(Link to the case study).

Visit Sellacious ‘Ask Us’ to find comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to understand answers, powered by our support executives.

Buy on-the-go

Currently,  the number of customers shopping through mobile applications has reached more than 120 million. Sellacious offers built-in shopping cart for mobile and tablets commerce. Your customer can make a purchase from any device on the go, no matter where they are.

A store owner can also manage their online store through mobile.

Affordable Shopping Cart Solution

Do you own a wholesale or a retail shop? If yes, then finding an ideal location, legal formalities, rent a premise, equip an inventory, hire the staff and marketing of the store. All such task takes a lot of time, money, hassle and efforts to target a market. In contrast to that setting an online store and managing that is much easier than what you think. It takes comparatively lesser time, efforts, and money. Additionally, by showing your presence on the internet you move your customer base from the local market to an international extent.

Businesses around the world have realized the undisputable power of online eCommerce store. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. We propagate a way to build a cost-effective, reliable, and user-friendly shopping cart software of almost any size. All you need is to take advantage of our affordable shopping cart solution that umbrella flexibility, ease of use, scalability to run a successful eCommerce application.

Sellacious e-commerce development solutions are widely accepted by the vendors globally to start with their online store fast, hassle-free and with little investment of time. We offer more than 5000 feature more than any established online shopping cart builder has to offer. We are ready to provide affordable shopping cart features if the business scenarios of small business and startups, and multi vendors are not fulfilled using our free plugins. Sellacious allows launching a full-fledged online retail store or multivendor virtual shopping malls with multiple product to compare and multiple manufacturers of a similar product.

Tools offered here can help stores solve problem-related to e-commerce management, website performance, store reputation in the market, and efficient business marketing of the short term projects.

While featuring excellent and easy to handle operations, Sellacious help to build shopping cart software that works on cross platforms and cross-browser like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

In Addition, as a backend controller, if you have technical knowledge, you can make modification in the source code of Sellacious in accordance with your business requirements. Since our code quality matches the global standards, so it is easier for you to get it customized yourselves with any third party’s help.

Fixing the eCommerce cart Problem

In the end, you know your requirement, your problems and you need to choose the best affordable shopping cart builder application those would cater all your needs also supports and embrace the existing business model. Additionally, take care of your customer need and analyze their buying pattern to make their shopping experience great.

From the current abandoned cart rates, it is obvious that businesses are losing a lot of money at the last moment. With Sellacious, you will eliminate them all. With this online shopping cart builder, your return on investment would increase many folds. The time and efforts spent in optimizing your online shopping store would definitely decrease. Make a smart decision, Choose Sellacious!

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