The all new Open Source Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform

Your own Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website ready in minutes

Sellacious, Best Suited Multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace Platform

Sellacious - Open Source Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform, designed and developed ideally for Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platforms. The features offered with the free Multi-Vendor eCommerce Software are acutely user-friendly and are developed keeping in mind the needs of Multi-Vendor Store. The configuration options like Seller-wise Order Management, Commission Settings, Seller Coupons etc are available with Sellacious which makes it a supremely preferred Free Open Source Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform. 

Finally a true Multi-vendor Shopping Cart that is complete and fully integrated

Multi Seller Feature of Sellacious

Sellacious is not only a perfect eCommerce software but is also a promising multi-vendor e-commerce solution. With all the administration options and customisations accessible with the system, you can easily control the permissions of your store while giving your sellers the experience of their own seller store. Sellacious is the Multi-vendor eCommerce software which comes with all the required configuration to offer your sellers the comfort of listing their products on your store while earning commissions and all these in no extra efforts with the easy panel of Sellacious. 

Your own Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website

Now, Own a full-fledged Marketplace with the potential system of Sellacious-  free Multi-vendor eCommerce software, Sellacious is coded to the best industry standards and is an Open Source Platform, You can choose to extend and customize Sellacious as per your needs. The configurations available in the system is to the best of users requirements, where you can switch to Multi-vendor eCommerce website in a click. Sellacious is developed to serve the users with all the ease, letting them customize the system and set the permission of Seller Store accordingly. Letting us provide an Open-Source Multi-vendor eCommerce solution in the full status.

Free Multivendor Marketplace Platform

If you are looking for a multi vendor shopping cart solution with Returns Management system, Look no more. Sellacious is your right choice to maintain your RMA process.
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