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The fast and easiest eCommerce solution for small business as well as enterprise websites to turn into an online store.

Let’s get into the details of this online store builder

In the past few years, the number of eCommerce applications in the market has increased by leaps and bounds. Today, more than 120 million shops online on the go on various devices. Many of the users prefer it over visiting brick and mortar store as it saves their essential time and helps them compare an unlimited number of products of different brands at a single marketplace.  You may be one of the business owners who want to scale their small business and reach to larger masses.

Sellacious is an ideal software that engages a store owner to create their e commerce application according to their own taste and liking. Even if you have your own website, you can integrate it with our e commerce application builder and get it all done in just 15 minutes.

A store owner can either upload the quickstart package to their proprietary server or just can host on the sellacious cloud. The two main essential components of an eCommerce application builder are the storefront and administration panel. Both of them are made of the smaller part that togetherly gives a final result.


The eCommerce website which is accessible to the end users is a storefront. It includes the selling flow, category navigation, checkout, payment, and the payment confirmation page. It may also contain the section such as “About Us” state about the company’s vision and mission.

A “Contact Us” page which informs the visitors about the company’s location and reachability. It may also have a contact form to personally respond to the queries of the customer.

The storefront appearances can be altered by the admin using Sellacious theme editor. A store owner can preview their website in real time before making the changes live to see how it looks. From the smallest details to the detailed specification we cater them all. Sellacious provides theme editor to make it simple for the customer to modify any aspect of the website.

PCI DSS Compliant

Your store can accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and other major credit/debit cards with complete security. All because of Sellacious’s certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. We always maintain our security standards so that they match the highest requirement mandate for an eCommerce application. In order to keep your customer’s information and business data secure, we issue an SSL certificate. Your store will include 256-bit SSL certificate.

Real-Time Tax Calculation and Shipping Charges

Activate shipping all of the major shipping brands including FedEx and DHL etc. Automatically calculate shipping charges based on the rules set by the admin so that your customer is never surprised at checkout. We help store owner create tax rules according to the country their store is located. It can be done really quick and is a customizable setup.

Create Your Own Marketplace and Embrace Your Brand On Social Media

Add sellers to your market place, create seller groups, enable product comparison, enable sellers to sell the same products at their price. Moreover, set shipping, tax, discount, return policies, many more. We provide more than 5000 features for a multivendor environment marketplace. Get social media icons on your estore software and let user share your brand with the world.


The administration area technically called the backend of the eStore software. It is the part of the eCommerce package used for store management and order processing. Sellacious provide more than 5000 features to apply in combination. Sellacious is an eCommerce development solution where the least we provide is product and category management. In product management, you can add the product or edit their details, or assign them to a particular niche.

Sellacious provides advance transaction reports whose data can be filtered based on top seller category, user groups, product, tax and discounts, coupon usage and many more. The dashboard also showcases the order status(such as “new”, “shipped, and ”complete”).

Our eCommerce cart builder software provides you with comprehensive analytics and other information like the result of marketing to the customers.

Why Sellacious is the best eCommerce solution for small business!

With the eCommerce industry becoming a multibillion-dollar investment, there is no less competition of eCommerce development solution providers. Sellacious stand out from the crowd. Sellacious has been developed with over a decade of market experience and industry knowledge that has resulted in successfully identifying and include all the most-desired features for a persuasive website.


  • A vast variety of available themes for various business scenarios
  • Amazing product gallery that suits your requirements
  • Plug and play online theme editor
  • Professional inventory and store manager
  • All device screen compatible eCommerce website
  • Global shipping and tax availability
  • Secure and customizable checkout
  • 24x7 support
  • Multiple payment options can be enabled for the  customers
  • Coupon and Discount manager

Robust Web Hosting with no limit on data storage

Sellacious hosts its customers' store on powerful, robust, and fast servers. We guarantee 99.98% uptime. We assure no limit to the web space required. You can create as many images and create as many pages as you want for the product.

24x7/365 Days of In-house Support

Expectations of what constitutes good customer service are always influenced to a degree by cultural values. At Sellacious, we always welcome customers for support round-the-clock. We always target to uplift our service and maintain high standards. Listen from our customer TopDogTest, about our customer service and support(Link to the case study).

Visit Sellacious ‘Ask Us’ to find comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to understand answers, powered by our support executives.

Prime Built-In Seo In The Industry

Search engine optimization is the prime requirement of any store owner so as to expand its customer base and internet visibility. Cutting edge SEO technology has been built so you can optimize every page with few clicks.

Full Ecommerce Package Of Effective Marketing Tools

Send confirmation and abandoned cart emails, package delivery status, newsletters, coupons and more right from Sellacious. Manage your store, create tax and shipping rules, daily deals, wish lists, gift registries, and more.

Built-In Advanced Reporting

Be the information you want is readily available to you at your fingertips. Robust statistics and reporting on sales, transactions, cash flow with sellers, sales, products, and customers etc.

Over Hundred Of Payment Gateways

Provide your buyers in the right to choose. Let them select their payment gateway according to their preference and location. Sellacious takes care of all the issues and things related to payment. There are available plugins that you can use to accept payments.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Overage charges and traffic limit are the things of the past. We offer the capability to handle any number of visitors at any moment.

And Much, Much More…

Explore all the features Sellacious, an ultimate eCommerce development solution, has to offer from its comprehensive yet user-friendly documentation. You can also try our free version with no credit card required to start configuring your own e-commerce application.



Our Commitments

Our impeccable commitment to service our clients round-the-clock is unparalleled in the industry. Every project we engage in has the support of the entire team of experts. The reason for being the first choice of the customer is the extensive documentation and team expertise in electronics and software. Also, team flexibility and mature knowledge of the solution are major drivers behind our success. Hear from our clients TopDogTest about the personalized attention we give to each of their requirement.


We aim to transform customer’s experience both functionally and logically. Our goal is to facilitate complexity into simplicity. We intensify the productivity of our customers by helping them change their business process. By leveraging and harnessing leading technology.


Our vigor commitment to excellence in whatever we do says it all. It translates that we possess the best talent working on your business need. We acquire the smartest, sharpest, and the brightest individuals to help you. We believe that a team yields the highest output when it consists of a highly skilled and talented individual.

Shared Values

We want to hear each of our customers. Such practice helps us become a horizontal organization. With this term, we mean that we listen to every feedback and act upon with immediate effect, if necessary. Our compassionate management approach allows us to act best in the interest of aspirants.

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