You can shift from the legacy of running an offline store only and shift the paradigm to the online store that too within minutes and without writing a single line of code. Join the world’s fastest growing marketplace development platform. Sellacious is a service that offers off-the-shelf and white label eCommerce marketplace solutions. It is the simplest way to create your own marketplace website.

No Coding Required

More Than 5000 eCommerce Features To Experiment With

Easy To Set Up

Easy To Customize

In Compliance To Open Source And Open Standards

Hosting Services Are Available

Goods, Rental, Action, and Service Marketplace Website - You can build all of them

Sellacious is capable of withstanding any marketplace requirement of both SMEs and large enterprises with 24x7 customer support. The marketplace website could be for:

Retail Goods: Suitable for selling physical consumable or non-consumable goods. For Example eBay, Amazon, TopDogTest.com. Amazon is a giant marketplace leader which incorporates like literally uncountable number of vendors. TopDogTest is a service based company that includes technicians with their years of experience of troubleshooting, calibration, and repairing of testing tools work with the sales department to provide tailored needs of the customers for parts, accessories and instrument manuals to multi-channel wireless communication systems.

Service Bookings: Suitable for service appointments like Ola or Uber cabs, home to home service by UrbanClap, and much more. You can just filter or search it out using the keyword the type of service you require and the vendors providing those services will get listed.

Rental Goods(by type and by location): Suitable for equipment rentals with a calendar scheduler to prescribe the duration of use and the application will calculate the exact amount to be charged. For Example Ola Rental, TopDogTest.com

Auction: A marketplace to put items on auction could be developed. The highest paying bidder will be given the product.

Space Rental: Suitable to create a marketplace website to host the physical space to stay for example Oyo Rooms and Airbnb. 

Sellacious provides hundreds of themes to go with, using which you would be able to give your marketplace a look you want and the feel you envisioned. Since the code is easy to understand, is compliance to the international coding standards, and completely editable (except the core framework files) custom plugins could be developed either by you or by the hand-picked expert team of Sellacious(on demand). We are ready to assist you in creating a Sellacious-powered solution, tailored specifically to your needs, be it the complete solution development for your marketplace website or alterations in our APIs.

Some of the lucrative features of Sellacious

Professionally Designed themes with an optimized interface:

Admin as well the vendors have the complete control to edit their own storefront. By default, Sellacious provides hundreds of themes to cater to your business requirements. Simple and easy to use theme editor help even a non-technical store owner to desgin according to their own taste and customers liking. Without such stunning admin dashboard handling a marketplace website would never have been that easy.

Let Sellacious Ecosystem of Partnership help you grow:

With Sellacious ‘Partner Program’ join hands to earn and grow together. If a store owner is able to resell the Enterprise or the Community version of the Sellacious they would be getting incentives and key benefits.

Sellacious helps you build a strong ecosystem of partners that may support you in one dimension of the business, maybe marketing, logistics or accounts.

Create a marketplace website with global payments and languages:

Sellacious supports almost all the leading payment methods which are capable of receiving payments at a global level. Vendors can manage their payment methods through the dashboard. Provide your buyers in the right to choose. Let them select their payment gateway according to their preference and location. Sellacious takes care of all the issues and things related to payment.

Our multilingual translation feature lets the store owner feature their marketplace in any of the internationally recognized language. 


Applications that encourage the money added to the online wallet could be created as well. This helps save time and transaction failures. Coupons can be also created by the admin in case of the money for the bought product is paid through the wallet to attract customers.

The owner can also generate discounts in multiple ways like products category, user groups, locations, or shipping to boost sales. 

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Products: No limit on the number of products you can upload


Source code is completely open source thus encouraging the shopping cart software builders to create custom plugins as per their requirements. We ensure that the code quality is met and the custom code is kept closed source. The template can be edit using the content editor.

Order processing: 

Easy and straight forward step to enable order processing and have a quick check of the order status from confirmation to delivery and feedbacks. 

Tax Setting: 

Admin can set the tax rules on the basis of specific product, categories, vendor groups, or countries


We provide a filter feature to help the end user to filter out the products on the basis of their search. 


Customer can add the products they like to the wishlist in order to buy it later.

Easy to Upgrade

Store owners can very easily upgrade their stores from a single vendor to multivendor in no time.


The vendors or the admin need not worry about the invoice structures. Template editors could be used to create the invoice and deliver its copy to the customer through emails.

Features like Shipping Method, Stock Notification, Categories Management, Order Tracking, Vendor Management, Dispute Management, Refunds, Product and Vendor Reviews, and Rating are also available to the full extent at absolutely no cost. 

Robust Web Hosting with no limit on data storage

Sellacious hosts its customers' store on powerful, robust, and fast servers. We guarantee 99.98% uptime. We assure no limit to the web space required. You can create as many images and create as many pages as you want for the product.

Create Your Own Marketplace and Embrace Your Brand On Social Media

Add sellers to your market place, create seller groups, enable product comparison, enable sellers to sell the same products at their price. Moreover, set shipping, tax, discount, return policies, many more. We provide more than 5000 features for a multivendor environment marketplace. Get social media icons on your online store software and let user share your brand with the world.

Real-Time Tax Calculation and Shipping Charges

Activate shipping all of the major shipping brands including FedEx and DHL etc. Automatically calculate shipping charges based on the rules set by the admin so that your customer is never surprised at checkout. We help store owner create tax rules according to the country their store is located. It can be done really quick and is a customizable setup.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Overage charges and traffic limit are the things of the past. We offer the capability to handle any number of visitors at any moment. .

Prime Built-In Seo In The Industry

Search engine optimization is the prime requirement of any store owner so as to expand its customer base and internet visibility. Cutting edge SEO technology has been built so you can optimize every page with few clicks.

Full Ecommerce Package Of Effective Marketing Tools

Send confirmation and abandoned cart emails, package delivery status, newsletters, coupons and more right from Sellacious. Manage your store, create tax and shipping rules, daily deals, wish lists, gift registries, and more. 

Built-In Advanced Reporting

Be the information you want is readily available to you at your fingertips. Robust statistics and reporting on sales, transactions, cash flow with sellers, sales, products, and customers, etc. 

Enterprise Marketplace Website Solution

For our big clients, we provide data security that would be in compliance with their privacy term and conditions. Our robust database servers help store and maintain large transaction logs. Sellacious’s Enterprise

PCI DSS Compliant

Your store can accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and other major credit/debit cards with complete security. All because of Sellacious’s certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. We always maintain our security standards so that they match the highest requirement mandate for an eCommerce application. In order to keep your customer’s information and business data secure, we issue an SSL certificate. Your store will include 256-bit SSL certificate.

24x7/365 Days of In-house Support

Expectations of what constitutes good customer service are always influenced to a degree by cultural values. At Sellacious, we always welcome customers for support round-the-clock. We always target to uplift our service and maintain high standards. Listen from our customer TopDogTest, about our customer service and support(Link to the case study).

Visit Sellacious ‘Ask Us’ to find comprehensive, step-by-step, easy to understand answers, powered by our support executives.

And Much, Much More...

Explore all the features Sellacious, an ultimate eCommerce development solution, has to offer from its comprehensive yet user-friendly documentation(Link to documentation). You can also try our free version with no credit card required to start configuring your own e-commerce application.

How To Start a Billion Dollar MarketPlace Website

You can set up an online store of any type and start selling products and buying stock from manufactures. Does doing this itself will gather the audience to your marketplace or are there some marketing strategies need to be implemented, that to correctly? To create a highly attractive and useful web application for such purpose the attention must be totally on the two subjects: Buyer and the Seller.


To condemn buyer making use of your application the owner has to make sure that the user interface is simple to use and is intuitive. Every interface component should be in front of the customer and should not include much clicks in order to be used.


To create an app that is useful for all the registered vendors to a store the owner should know what they want from the marketplace website. A vendor would always want that their transaction should reach them timely and safely. From the customer’s point of view, a seller would want the delivery reaches them timely and without any damage to the items. The platform should allow the vendor to upload high-definition pictures of the items on sale and add exclusive content for them to fascinate the buyer and help them buy the product.

In addition, always remember that the marketplace website is an intermediate between the seller and the buyer. It is always desirable that the eCommerce application builder should allow incorporating the chat widgets to allow two-way communication between the buyer and the sellers.

So, From where to begin?

Idea evaluation is the key source to win for all successful businesses. This is necessary to understand your product and services which you are offering and business model and practices being followed. To better understand the market efficiently, it is always better to conduct business analysis and market research. This would help analyze the demand for your solution and target audience along with geolocation.

Want to offer service which is ideally undiscovered in the market?


This requires to research about the market leaders and your competitors. Sort out the strength and their downsides. This helps you distinct from the already available apps and avoid mistakes.

CONCLUSION - Best Marketplace Website Builder

In the end, you know your requirement, your problems and you need to choose the best affordable shopping cart builder application those would cater all your needs also supports and embrace the existing business model. Additionally, take care of your customer need and analyze their buying pattern to make their shopping experience great. 

An abandoned shopping cart is more frustrating than losing a customer in the beginning. From the current abandoned cart rates, it is obvious that businesses are losing a lot of money at the last moment. With Sellacious, you will eliminate them all. With this online shopping cart builder, your return on investment would increase many folds. The time and efforts spent in optimizing your online shopping store would definitely decrease. Make a smart decision, Choose Sellacious!

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