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Free Joomla Omni-Channel eCommerce software for B2B and B2C

B2B eCommerce

Sellacious is packed with all the features required to make it an ideal Enterprise eCommerce Software, offering the ease of administration and operations while the software is 100% customisable.

B2C eCommerce

With our free eCommerce Software which is extremely user-friendly and intact with so many features, you can easily start your own online store under 10 minutes.

Omnichannel eCommerce

Sellacious also serves as an omnichannel eCommerce software, Now you can sell at different platforms while maintaining your inventory at one place with Sellacious. 

Free Joomla eCommerce extension that solves your B2B and B2C worries

B2B eCommerce Software

Sellacious is a perfect solution for all your b2b needs, coded and built to render all user groups, Be it Small, Medium or Enterprise. Sellacious is fixed with all the features required for a b2b online store making it a model b2b eCommerce software. Unlike other solutions, requires extremely less plugins to make it a complete solution which defines it as a fit Enterprise eCommerce Software. 

B2C eCommerce Software

Sell your products with ease and comfort with us. Sellacious is a detailed designed B2C eCommerce software with an extremely user-friendly admin panel and features that you need intact. Go from a single-vendor Online Store to a full-fledged Marketplace in just one click with Sellacious. We keep care of all the things and requirements of a B2C Store which helps us render an ideal open source eCommerce software for our users.

Omnichannel eCommerce Software

Manage your inventory hassle free, With the help of easily accessible, Joomla! ecommerce extension - Sellacious, having the feature of Omnichannel eCommerce, You can now choose to keep and manage your inventory on Sellacious and sell on various other eCommerce platforms without the extra management efforts. All these in the very own free eCommerce software - Sellacious.

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