Use Sellacious And Get Over CS Cart Addon Development

CS Cart is an online eCommerce application builder where an eCommerce enthusiast could rally the sellers and create their own multi-vendor marketplace in just a matter of a few hours.  

A marketplace is where many individual sellers sell their offering through a common storefront. What took off a customer’s attention towards a multi-vendor marketplace from traditional e-store is a large variety of similar products available at varied prices by different vendors.

 There are around 35000 live stores that are built using CS cart worldwide. CS cart is a paid piece of software but running an eCommerce platform built using CS cart is cheaper than running software that requires custom developments from the third party development company.

Some Commonly Available In Market Features By CS Cart Development Company

Reward Point

It is very much important to retain the pre-existing customers for any eCommerce application. They are the most loyal customers and bring most of the income. Thus to maintain retainment of them, reward point is a CS cart feature way to appreciate customer’s loyalty every time they buy from their store. A customer can get point on each purchase and redeem them later on other purchases may be full points or only a part of it.

Layout Editor

You can arrange your data blocks the way you want. You don’t even need to code even a single line for that. It’s just a drag and drop of the front end components. You can design every single page and make different header and footer for different pages. Experiment with layouts and save money of coders.


A store owner can greatly boost their sales by offering bonuses to their customers. Coupons and discounts can be created by choosing the conditions that a customer must meet to be eligible for the bonus. Multiple forms of bonuses can be generated like discounts, free shipping, gift vouchers, an invitation to a special user group. It is a mighty tool to enhance your store sales, attract more customers, and preload your warehouse with stocks.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

It is essential to offer customers a wide variety of product on your platform. You may have thousands of customers but still, if there ain’t many products to offer the income may not grow that fast. To boost the income you need to increase the average bill amount of each cart. CS cart provides a bunch of cross-selling and upsell tools for that.

The store owner can enable the feature to display similar products, the product most bought and the same product with prices offered by multiple sellers, the best seller and on sale products, different products with same prices etc.

With ‘Buy Together’ feature, a seller can create product combinations and set discounts on them. Another cross-selling feature is ‘Customers Also Bought’ helps to sell additional products to the customers. This box gives highlights of the products that other customers buy while purchasing the current one.

Call Request

Many a time, customer don’t want to register themselves on web stores and go through the whole buying process. They might prefer to order the product on call. With ‘Call Request’ system in CS-Cart you would not lose that audience. The customer clicks ‘Buy with 1 click button’ and enter the contact details. A sales manager calls back from your store and can confirm the order manually.

Multiple Storefront

When a business grows, you might need to advent with a new store. With CS-Cart multistore feature you can open more online storefronts without many efforts. No service, no installations. You just excess storefronts and manage them from a single admin dashboard.

Mobile Responsive Templates

Half of the online shoppers buy products from their smartphones. So an eStore must be properly functional and eye-catching on any device. CS cart template is responsive which means all the elements are arranged to fit the screen. With responsive designs, potential buyer feels comfortable browsing your store and Google also rank it higher in search results.

70 Payment Options

An eCommerce application must ensure that the money dispensed by the customer reaches to the vendor and the product to the customer in return. CS cart offers multiple popular payment and shipping service. Payment gateways like Paypal, 2Checkout, Authorize Net, SagePay, First Data, eWay, and many others are available to activate on the payment page. Besides DHL, FedEx, USPS Media Mail, UPS 3 Day Select with dozen of shipping operators are present in CS-Cart. 

Allow your customer to choose the most convenient method of payment and shipment carriers without any additional development and integrations. 

Built-In CMS

It becomes a day-to-day task to create the product, upload images for products, add the description, manage layout, and deal with other content. CS Cart offers a well thought and easy to use content management system. A store owner can edit 45 product parameters. Upload images at a blazing speed and quickly search for the necessary user interface elements. Create additional pages and optimize them for search engines without writing any single line of code. 

Product Variants

In the admin dashboard, various products with variants, features, prices, SKUs, images, and filters. Features are product properties that can be common for a group of items on sale but have different values. 

Admin Privileges

Though lots of features are great but being face-to-face with these functionalities is quite a challenge. As a store owner once established in the market your major focus should business strategy rather than your workflow, customer care, and the store look and feel. CS cart help delegate access to staff at multiple levels like who all can handle the look of the storefront, who can support customer queries, and who all salespeople can manage orders. Each of them does their job and their activities don’t intercross.

Powerful SEO

Your potential customers would be reaching your storefront easily if it is well search engine optimized. You get more sales, more traffic, and better reach to the targeted audience. By default, CS Cart supports all the SEO techniques that Google encourage. Such tools help   SEO friendly URLs, Canonical URLs, 301 redirect which is a permanent redirect from one URL to another, and google snippets like Google Maps.

A store admin can also set the metatext for their store because of which the search engine understands your store better and rank it high in search results.

Fully Customizable

Change the CS multivendor eCommerce the way you want. A developer has complete access to the source code which empowers them to create a feature they want. The source code matches the internal coding standard and thus is easy to understand and yes all this is just free of cost.

In fact, looking at the case where all the business has to add their own features besides the one provided by this eCommerce application builder CD Cart has its own community of 350 developers all over the world. 

CS Cart development company highlights their mainstream eCommerce features as the most unique and rare to find but the reality is that it is all vague argument. The features they broadcast on the page are the most commonly available one and are offered absolutely free by Sellacious

Still Didn’t Get What You Need?

What is the need of creating add-ons? Why we make plugins? Plugin changes the way a website should function. Plugins eliminate the need to edit the framework’s core files. As when the framework gets updated it will override the core files only and not extensions. Hence, in case any user need to add functionality, the plugin comes into the picture using framework approved APIs.

To pass the control of the flow to an addon hooks are required. Hooks are a kind of functions or let say method created which you can plug to existing code to extend its functionality. Hooking is conceptual programming that handles the control flow and shifts it to an addon. With the help of this technique only, your addon will work with absolutely isolated without having an effect on the core files.

CS Cart development companies provide add-ons for every business process including transactions, Delivery, Payout, Billing etc. For example Aftership package tracking Addon, Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Live Search Addon, Facebook Pixel, Geolocation and much more. Add-ons for Customer Experience, Site Management, Marketing, and Integrations are available.

CS Cart addon development uses two sorts of hooks - PHP and TPL Hooks. Php hooks are created corresponding to the source code whereas TPL hooks are for the template. Knowing the hook’s name, an addon will intercept the main execution flow of the program, perform its prescribed functionality, return a result and the execution flows come back to the main program.

A hook within an addon is carried out by a function call with a prefix ’fn_’ followed by the full name of the addon, underscore, the full name of the hook. For example, in CS cart addon development library there is a hook for generating and get the gift certificates for the customers. Now that plugin would be called in a format fn_gift_certificates_get_gift_certificate_info(some parameters to be passed). On the basis of the information passed in the called hook in the form of parameters, it will manipulate the data and generate a gift certificate. 

How To Use a PHP Hook in CS Cart Addon Development

In case you want to use a PHP hook in your addon, declare the hook to be used in the addon init.php file. Secondly, create a function that utilizes the hooks name and defines its functionality in the addon func.php file. 

And it is done! Now the addon knows which hook to run when called by the main program. On the same side, CS cart knows that the flow of execution has to be passed to the addon when hook appears. 

How To Use a TPL Hook in CS Cart Addon Development

What is the case when a store admin need to showcase some additional information which is not being provided by the existing template? TPL hooks are used to show additional data in an existing template. Let us say that a PHP addon collects some sort of data that has to be displayed on a certain panel in a separate block, this can be achieved using TPL hook. 

Unlike the PHP hooks which are explicitly declared in init.php, a proper file naming and location will be the scheme of implementation in TPL hooks. Since the development and live replica environment are different, the path also varies a bit. 

Administration Panel:  design/backend/templates/addons/[addon id]/hooks/[template name]/[hook name].[pre|post|override].tpl

Customer Repository: design/themes/[theme name]/templates/addons/[addon id]/hooks/[template name]/[hook name].[pre|post|override].tpl

In layman terms, CS Cart core functions are stored in a directory app/function. These programs perform all the core functionality of the software are bundled as per their purposes. Hooking stands out as a very powerful technique and is used rigorously in CS Cart. PHP hooks are used to perform pre and post processing of the data provided whereas TPL hooks help render the data differently than the default template does. 

A store owner can also get its template override over the existing files but for this, they may either should persist technical knowledge or hire third-party developers or have their own tea of developers. Hiring a third-party developer will cost very high and may result in high vulnerabilities and bugs. Assistance from CS Cart development services are available but will take away many credit points.

Sellacious - To The Rescue

Almost every eCommerce store builder claims to ensure more sales, more money and more than expected customers. But, does anyone of them even bother to provide features with proven results for precise money and customers.

In the search of most renowned brands offering service no matter a vague one, we sometimes lose searching for the most appropriate service provider. Similar is the case with CS Cart. It is charging high for the services which are offered by almost every second eCommerce application builder. It is always possible the feature a customer is giving for development to the CS Cart could be offered freely by another eStore builder. Sellacious not only provide the features possed by CS cart for free but also provide there own without charging any cost.

Sellacious offers more than 5000 eCommerce marketplace features for both multivendor and single store. Sellacious stand out from the crowd. Sellacious has been developed with over a decade of market experience and industry knowledge that has resulted in successfully identifying and include all the most-desired features for a persuasive website. 

Sellacious not only include the features being offered by CS Cart that too for free but also provide round-the-clock customer care service without any charge unlike CS Cart development services. 

Ready for your first sale today!

In the next 15 minutes with our online store builder, you can create a website which can list down your products. Instantly, you can start receiving payments without any cost. Yes, it’s that fast. Just choose a theme, customize it according to your own need, add products, set up the payment gateway. At last, begin processing customer’s credit card right then.

In contrast to what you think, this online store builder empowers the user to use drag and drop practices. That’s all you need to do to achieve what you want.

Explore all the features Sellacious, an ultimate eCommerce development solution, has to offer from its comprehensive yet user-friendly documentation(Link to documentation). You can also try our free version with no credit card required to start configuring your own e-commerce application.

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