Tuesday, 27 December 2016
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I am brand new to Sellacious. It looks nice, and I see there is a plugin for payment processing through Authorize.net.

Auth.net recently consolidated their API, deprecating portions of it and moving just about everything into XML/JSON. Does the Auth.net plugin for Sellacious leverage this new API? If not, what areas of the old API does it support? If it does support the new, how complete is the support per their API docs?
Hey Steve,

Our Auth.net plugin is based on following auth API: 1.8.9 https://github.com/AuthorizeNet/sdk-php/releases/tag/1.8.9
Latest seems to be: 1.9.2 https://github.com/AuthorizeNet/sdk-php/releases/tag/1.9.2

Our next upgrade cycle for all our payment plugins will start within 10 days. You will automatically get new upgraded payment plugins in january 2017.

Let us know if you are still finding any issues or have any queries.

7 years ago
Thanks for the prompt reply. Can you explain the differences between the different levels of licenses available? I see single, single + config, and developer.
Hey Steve,

Single Site is good when you are looking to use this plugin on a single website and can configure plugin yourself. Support is available for single website

Single +Config is when you dont know how to generate keys etc for plugin our support will generate and configure plugin on your website. you are licensed to use it on single website.

Developers license entitles you to use it on multiple website upto 25. it is useful if you are a developer or web agency.

Let me know if you have any further query.

7 years ago
Thank you. Taking a look at the library you mentioned, it looks like that is targeting the new XML/JSON API, so I'm probably set.

Are there any docs for developers or integration? We have a need to programmatically add dynamic cart items.
Hi steve,

can you please explain what do you mean by " programmatically add dynamic cart items."

7 years ago
We are integrating this cart with a custom event registration system. The final reservations to be added to the cart will have their prices and descriptions created at the time of the order. Each reservation must appear as an individual line item, with no consolidation even for reservations with identical attributes.

Good thing is that we are making interface to add dynamic products in sellacious. it will be available as a plugin and a developer's documentation. if you want you can continue modify sellacious for your needs and if you want you can buy that plugin at a very small cost. hopefully it will launch with 1.4.5 on coming monday.

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