Saturday, 04 November 2017
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Unpublished Currency Dollar and now back end won't load?

Oooops, Something went wrong!

The selected currency USD is disabled.

If you believe this is a bug, please contact sellacious support team.
6 years ago
Oh dear, I guess with no reply I've found a bug?Emoticon Surprised
Hi Joesi,

You can't unpublishing default currency, and it is an issue from our end too we will fix this and add a check so no one can disable default currency. Thanks for notifying this issue, we will release this fix in our next release.
As of now if you facing any issue by this let us know, we will fix for you.

6 years ago
It wasn't default currency though, I had already changed that to GBP UK Sterling before hand?
Anyway did a reset and that at least got the system working again, but now I have no sample data etc all gone.
Hi Joesi,

I checked on our end it is a bug, and thanks for notifying.
we are fixing it and release it in our next version.

And reset button is meant to flush all sample data, only use that button for same.

5 years ago
Hi, Still trying to get this functional for a commercial operation, beem here since conception and still not quite right.

I have the following on US Dollar when trying o deactivate. Does this mean I have o remove all transactions first?

Error The currency United States dollar (USD) cannot be disabled as it is used in Wallet/Transactions.
5 years ago
Yes that's what I have done. No transactions from development install (demo) and now can disable US Dollars
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