Monday, 19 February 2018
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Hello there!
I would like to give some suggestions about dashboard statistics as follow:

1.Currently the values are shown without decimal places. It would be good to let user choose how many decimal places he would like to show (in my case 2)

2.In seller page it is shown the total revenue (which represents the seller net profit, namely the difference between total profil and commissions to be paid to shop), the eventually total costs of purchases (total withdrawal) and net balance. Am I right? In my opinion it would be good to let seller choose the time period he wants to see. In this way he can easily understand how much he gained/spent in a specific time period)

3. In shop owner page total revenue shows the total profil of website (why not the net profit as for seller page?). Since the money of each purchase comes into shop account and then shop owner pays back to each seller, it would be useful to add something so that shop owner knows how much he has to pay to each seller in a specifc time period.In my case, for example, I pay back each seller at the end of the month.

If I have more suggestions I will let you know.
Thank you
Noted. We are coming up with new transaction system, with better statistics. in next version.

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