Monday, 07 January 2019
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Latest Products Module How does it work?

I can't get any new products to show in the latest products module on front of store.
5 years ago
You must create products to be displayed in this module.
that is in case you have removed the sellacious demo products.

if you have done it, you must create products from the administrator.

if you are with a seller account. you must go to the administrator and activate the publications of that seller.

Regards Alexis
5 years ago
Thanks Alexis, I do get the fact you have to have products hence asking why they aren't showing in the latest products for new items etc.

According to the backend they are all active and approved.

Funily enough they are showing today?
5 years ago
Hello Joesi,

Please send us your site credentials, as I tried to recreate this issue on my end but it's working. We have to check this issue on your site.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
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