Despite the emphasis placed on Sellacious being a true multivendor platform, I'm not sure it is what I am looking for. After reading over the documentation and going through the settings it looks to me like everything is built around 1 Shop (my shop) and the sellers are just members of the shop that sell their product within my shop. There is only 1 Shop with configurations that control all inventory on the site.

What I want (need) is for each seller to be it's own shop. Yes, I want some settings that automatically govern what they can and cannot do, but I need each seller to have their own shop within my "shop". Each seller needs his own menu item from the main menu which takes the visitor to his shop where his products and only his products are visible. Each seller needs to have the ability to set up how their products are displayed within their shops, be it list view, grid view, have their own choices of settings they can make, basically be an independent shop within my larger shop.

My "shop" (the site main shop) should be a shop of shops. I don't have any products to sell. I'm selling shops to local stores in my area inside my large community website which will feature many local businesses of which each will have a shop within my site.

Can I make this happen? I really don't see a whole lot of documentation around the multivendor capabilities of Sellacious.

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Hello Dave,

Thanks for contacting.

Yes, sellacious is multivendor. Every seller can have your own shop. If a user enters in particular sellers shop "store" he will see only and only his products. our search store module can help the user to search inside any particular store.

Each store can have its own price, discount, tax, coupons etc. Each store can have its own URL example http://www.yourwebsite.com/store/my-awesome-store


as of now, they can not particularly select their design, and store layouts themselves.

Hope this solves your query.

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