Images are not shown when their name has a blank space in the name. I think the software should be able to convert the image to a valid html name or other way to avoid such error. Please help :)
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Hello Adesh,

To fix this issue, kindly go to the file /media/sellacious/js/field.uploader.js

find var cInput or go to the line no. 80 and add

var fileName = fileObj.name;
fileName = fileName.replace(/[\/\\?%*:\s+|"<>]/g, '_');

and now find .jff-uploader-filename or in line no. 85 replace fileObj.name with fileName

For clarification, take a look at below screenshot.


I hope this helps.

Thank You
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Team Sellacious
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I did what you wrote before. I understand that is for new uploaded images; it's fine.

However, now I have another issue. The image is gone when I put mouse on; please see the attached image for more explanation.
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