I am displaying sellacious products on the home page, at a new position created by me.
but it is being displayed twice.
at the position mentioned and also below that.
Please help me resolve this.
I want it to be displayed only once on the home page
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Hello Tushar,

Can I know which template of sellacious are you using?

In sellacious templates, most of the pages are build by the help sp page builder.

Kindly check the home page in sp page builder and disable the module that's showing.

I hope this helps.

Thank You
Team Sellacious
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I have been using Joomla template

& I have given the sellacious products a new position before my footer through the layout of template..but it is also being displayed below the footer.
Which is not my requirement.
Please help.
You can view my issue in the image.
Waiting for your reply.
It's urgent.[attachment]IMG_20190624_123839.jpg[/attachment]
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Hello Tushar,

I can't see any attached image. Which module are you using and on which page you are viewing duplicate modules? Kindly send me your site details through DM.
Team Sellacious
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