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  Monday, 15 July 2019
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I have follow the steps as given in the documentation, but still related products not showing.

Groups Created: Done
products are added to groups: Done

but still no progress.

Any suggestion?
2 years ago
Hello Falcon,

Can you explain the steps you did to display the related products?

Related products can be displayed on site with the help of related products module. Have you enabled the Related Products Module and assigned it to the position?
sorry for the late response, yes please check the attached screenshots for the details.

Please advice in case of any mistake.
2 years ago
Hello Falcon,

Are you using, SP Page builder for sellacious product and category pages? If you are, try installing SP Page builder Addons from https://www.sellacious.com/resources/sppagebuilder-addons and install it in your site.
I Have fixed, the related product module was missed.

Really Appreciate your efforts.
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