Friday, 26 May 2017
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I am getting a :redirected you too many times error when I click on a seller.
What could be causing this.
Please help.

Hi Kevins,

What's the URL of your installation? I need to have a look at this,
7 years ago

so it doesn't load the page at all
7 years ago
So I cant click on any product detail as well.
Hi Kevins,

Can you please send me the access details as Private Message?
7 years ago
ok see your PM. THANKS
Hi Kevins,

Which server are you using? Seems to be an issue with the whole Joomla installation altogether.
7 years ago
Hey I have realized that I does not work on my host but it works on another different host.
What could be an issue? apache modules?

please help
Could be apache or low resources assigned to server.
7 years ago
what could be the problem with apache? resource is still huge. I got 150 gb.
so i think thats enough for now.

whats settings should I use to stop redirection.
Kindly help
Hi Kevins,

It's not about. It can be memory allocated, TimeOut Settings or other resources controlled by hosting.
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