I really like what I see with this product, but in setting up a multi-vendor site, I would like it to be more self-sufficient for the vendors. It doesn't appear that each vendor can use their own PayPal or other is that correct? I would have to collect money then redistribute it? It would seem to be a basic function, so maybe I"m missing something.

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Hi Troy,

You can use a Dokan multi vendor marketplace platform that’s optimized to launch your online store. It offers several features like front-end and product dashboard. Here is the list of popular multivendor marketplaces for ecommerce platforms.
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Hello Troy,

In sellacious, money automatically goes to the seller's e-wallet. But to send it to their own Paypal, you will need to use PayPal adaptive.

Stripe Connect is already integrated with sellacious. Sellers can connect their stripe connect accounts and the amount goes to their account directly.

If you want we can integrate PayPal adaptive or any other split payment plugin for you.


Note: This does not include split payment development service like stripe connect, where payment gateway can automatically split the money in the seller's account directly. For the development of split payment gateway plugin kindly add 3 quantities of this plugin to your cart.

I hope this helps.

Thank you
Team Sellacious
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