Hi, may I create a item to group other such as a bundle/package? Product 1: 1 notebook + 2 pen drives + 5 bags.

I could to use the package category, but I can't indicate quantities of each product and it doesn't sum the items values.
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Indresh Maurya Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Yes you are right maybe we can consider adding that configuration in our next versions. Thanks for your suggestion.
However right now we are providing option to set the price of package manually because always there are some packaging cost which should be added and bulk discount which can be decided by seller only. When is comes to showing the individual products in package, it can be done by listing the products in "whats in the box" field.

Hope this helps
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Jean Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Tks in advance. This bundle feature will boost sellacious to upper level and increase its utility... ;) I wish you consider this suggestion and improve it quickly.
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