Newbie here, at both Joomla and Sellacious... I've installed and configured Ampps 3.9 on Windows10 and am have issues installing Sellacious.

I've tried Install from Web, Upload Package File and Install from Folder and have been unsuccessful.

Install from Web returns Warning Error connecting to the server: 404 and Error Invalid URL Unable to find install package
Upload Package File returns Warning Unable to detect manifest file. followed by Error Error installing COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_APPLICATION
Install from Folder returns Warning Unable to detect manifest file. as well as Error Error installing COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_APPLICATION

Would appreciate some assistance.

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We have some issues going on with Install from web, so pls do not use that for now.
Kindly install by second method in this documentation https://www.sellacious.com/documentation-v2#/learn/installuninstall/installation

Hope this helps
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