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  Saturday, 22 July 2017
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Just wandering, when will their be an new update of this great software?
I really miss the multilangual backend option for my site and i see that this will be fixed in a new update?

Kind regards

Hi Langemi,

We are pushing out many updates in 1.4.8 which includes Sellacious own menu manager and translations that's the reason it is taking time. Currently we are doing our beta testing. The next version of Sellacious would come soon.
4 years ago
Hi Ankit,

Ok clear. That would be great in 1.4.8. :-). Just waiting then for the next release

Kind regards

4 years ago
Hello Ankit. I give you many thanks for the new version. Precisely, I installed your new version 1.5. I tried to translate the backend of Sellacious but I couldn't. Could you please explain briefly how I can make the translation of Sellacious backend using the Joomla menu manager or through the expected way? Thank you in advance.
Hi Adesh,

Thanks for your message. May I know how were you adding the translations?
4 years ago
I tried to add them in Joomla -> Menu Manager -> Sellacious Backend menu. Or how must I arrange them?
Are you adding translation via Menu Manager? I remember sending translation instructions to you earlier. Please follow the same.
4 years ago
Hello Ankit. I installed the last version. I understand the translation is done different now. Even, I updated to the last version and the changes done in database was erasen.
Hi Adesh,

The backend menu is now fully translatable. The translation is now controlled by the language files located at:


You can install your necessary Joomla language pack and translate these 2 files for your language. For example, if your language is fr-FR then you'll put your translation as


If you have done the backend translation previously, you should have a language pack folder at /sellacious/language/. If the folder for your language does not exists, you can simply copy and translate the files from en-GB located at the same folder.

We'll soon be rolling out an easy translation workflow.

4 years ago
Thank you Emoticon Smile
Solved. It worked fine Emoticon Smile
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