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  Saturday, 25 December 2021
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I am absolutely new to Sellacious, but I feel like I have researched forums and the documentation and have not found the answer, though I am sure it is very simple.

When I create new categories, I cannot lookup parent categories, it says that lookup failed and I cannot search them either.
https://imgur.com/a/w7mYwPQ (Photo also attached)
What the heck have I messed up? Emoticon Happy
6 months ago
You need to update your sellacious. This issue is fixed in latest sellacious. Please download core and extended packages from here https://www.sellacious.com/p/core/sellacious and update using this doc https://www.sellacious.com/documentation-v2#/learn/installuninstall/updating-sellacious
Hope this helps
Thank You.
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