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Error installing the extension in Joomla.

It seems to be a great software and I want to test it and use it!!! There is an error installing the extension in Joomla. The image of the error appears in the attachment.
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Abhishek Agrawal Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Hi Adesh,

Thanks for taking interest in Sellacious.

Which hosting are you using? Seems that your MySQL version is outdated i.e., less than 5.5.3.
ADESH JOHNSON Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Hello Ankit. Thank you very much. Yes, I had a version lower than 5.5.3 (espefically, 5.1.73). I updated to 5.5.56 and I tried the installation again and the installation seemed to be Ok.

Thank you again for this great software :)

Also, I was using a VPS hosting from fututel.com
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