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Current Version: 1.7.3 | Release Date: June 18, 2019
Sellacious has released GST plugin for its Users. With this plugin, you can ask your customers for their GST details. Sellers can provide their GST and PAN details in their profile and also SHOP can save its own details. Updated invoices and order views are available for GST details.


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With sellacious GST plugin, users can manage their products HSN/SAC code from the product itself.

Hsn Sac

 Hsn Sac 2

You can save GST/PAN of your shop and ask the buyer for their GST# while purchasing.

Hst Shop

Buyer GST

Seller's can also provide their own GST details and send their separate invoice you allow them to.



ShortCodes for GST details are also available in sellacious for email templated and template manager (invoices/order/PDF).


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