Sellacious Version 1.7.3

Sellacious 1.7.3 is now available.

This is a bug fix release for the 1.7 series of Sellacious which addresses major features addition like better product detail and SP page builder add-ons and includes over 20+ bug fixes and improvements.

Update your sites to enjoy below-listed features-

New Features:

  1. Configuration in Sellacious to set Global list limit New Feature
  2. Forex new API: Exchange Rates, Currency Converter New Feature
  3. Allow automatic installation of the extended package when core package is installed New Feature
  4. Product Detail Page Redirect Plugin New Feature
  5. Translation of Attributes List Options New Feature
  6. Ck editor plugin for Joomla and Sellacious New Feature
  7. GST Information Plugin New Feature

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix schema version for 1.7.1 Bug Fix
  2. "Show call us for price" not showing seller phone Bug Fix
  3. Updated config.json to the default configuration of sellacious Bug Fix
  4. Empty query form warning fix Bug Fix
  5. Finder results redirect issue Bug Fix
  6. Fix for subform override field not working Bug Fix
  7. Remove now unneeded redefinition of JPlugin properties Bug Fix
  8. Seller separate invoice not working for Invoice PDF Bug Fix
  9. Product edit: Warnings when the seller is switched Bug Fix
  10. Now 'Add to cart' buttons in 'variants' and 'also sold by' sections in product details page are hidden according to configuration Bug Fix
  11. Zip code with zero prefix issue Bug Fix
  12. fix the issue with database while installing sellacious Bug Fix
  13. Now the toolbar will be appended to the body on page load Bug Fix
  14. Squick install without sample: Error in module fix Bug Fix
  15. Fix for Variants not showing when Marketplace is disabled Bug Fix
  16. Delivery options iPhone/Safari issue Bug Fix
  17. Hyperlocal - incorrect result in modules Bug Fix
  18. Now reviews will be displayed on product details page even if they don't have review description/comment Bug Fix
  19. Free product's price shows null in finder module Bug Fix
  20. If Checkout is not allowed, even the quick view button was getting hidden Opc Section Focus bug Bug Fix
  21. Delivery orders: Show orders with payment pending approval Bug Fix
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