Sellacious Version 2.0.0-beta2

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Sellacious 2.0.0-beta1 is now available.

This is a bug fix release for the 2.0 series of Sellacious which addresses major features addition like better product detail and SP page builder add-ons and includes over 15+ bug fixes and 10+ features & improvements.

Update your sites to enjoy the below-listed features-

New Features:

  1. Importer - Revision of permissions used for seller processor and seller parameters New Feature
  2. Export Products Configuration New Feature
  3. Product cache - New columns for lowest quantity price, lowest and highest prices in prices list New Feature
  4. New Checkout questions New Feature
  5. Import Seller SKU New Feature
  6. Configuration to show/hide zero-rating from the products/sellers New Feature
  7. New permissions implementation using separate ACL independent of Joomla CMS New Feature
  8. Importer character encoding New Feature
  9. Delivery orders permissions New Feature
  10. Seller Payment Methods New Feature
  11. Sellacious Filter module - Include search from manufacturer SKU New Feature

Bug Fixes:

  1. Order Checkout questions - hidden field value missing Bug Fix
  2. RTL issues Bug Fix
  3. UJskart product block price CSS fix Bug Fix
  4. Map location fix in RTL Bug Fix
  5. Product filtering by category retains other filters Bug Fix
  6. Post Importer encoding merge: Column headers are also being treated as data row Bug Fix
  7. Importer Bug fixes Bug Fix
  8. Advance reports permission issues Bug Fix
  9. Changes for PayMaya (Payment Callback fixes) Bug Fix
  10. Radio-switch labels for checked / unchecked states Bug Fix
  11. Added missing field.radioswitch.js file Bug Fix
  12. Geolocation filter - default true if no filter is selected Bug Fix
  13. Fixed - Empty list price causing a non-numeric error in product button Bug Fix
  14. Store timings functionality moved to Sellacious core Bug Fix
  15. Fixed empty filter or changing search filter not working after being searched by finder Bug Fix
  16. Remove obsolete `cache_state` column from tables Bug Fix
  17. OnContentPrepare: Missing 4th argument added in messages Bug Fix
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