Sellacious Version 2.0.0-beta3

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Sellacious 2.0.0-beta2 is now available.

This is a bug fix release for the 2.0 series of Sellacious which addresses major features addition like better product detail and SP page builder add-ons and includes over 15+ bug fixes and 10+ features & improvements.

Update your sites to enjoy the below-listed features-

New Features:

  1. Delivery/Pickup Extension and changes in checkout & cart/order for this extension. New Feature
  2. Stepwise Cart - Edit Shipping from Cart summary New Feature
  3. Product blocks - Include core-js explicitly in case Joomla class in js found missing New Feature
  4. Open Commissions in drawer New Feature
  5. Product detail - Show New/used Listings of the different sellers New Feature
  6. Importer - alternate product title if not available in the CSV New Feature
  7. Order: Save and show payment forms data New Feature
  8. Product results to be stored in Joomla cache New Feature
  9. Order Email Template: Shortcodes for listing-type and seller-address New Feature
  10. Configuration to match the US Postal code New Feature
  11. Add indexes in sellacious tables for enhanced performance New Feature
  12. Global config: Layout switcher UI issue New Feature

Bug Fixes:

  1. Product Finder Fixes Bug Fix
  2. Category module - missing forms folder in XML Bug Fix
  3. Sellacious Related module issues Bug Fix
  4. Store module carousel issue Bug Fix
  5. TNT search - extra check when fetching value whether results are found or not Bug Fix
  6. Variant drawer close & discard - call cancel the task and then close Bug Fix
  7. Order status - saved groups not showing fix Bug Fix
  8. Load payment methods - Fix condition where payment method state is ignored Bug Fix
  9. Inventory manager variants fix Bug Fix
  10. Disabled Manage stock with zero stock not showing cart button Bug Fix
  11. Save seller stock - unset stock, overstock instead of setting null if stock is managed other than product Bug Fix
  12. Save address - Script Injection fix Bug Fix
  13. All usage of rendered_attributes removed as they aren’t being used anymore Bug Fix
  14. Sellacious finder - Fixed the search for the Arabic language Bug Fix
  15. Sellacious login module - Login redirection setting not applying Bug Fix
  16. Google structured markup plugin issues Bug Fix
  17. Multi-lingual product URL issues Bug Fix
  18. Display stock on list page configuration fixed Bug Fix
  19. Product default block layout - Incorrect object used for params Bug Fix
  20. Fixed - Product list page shows an error if a product is recently trashed/deleted Bug Fix
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