Monday, 13 November 2017
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Hello, I am having an issue during checkout process.
In my website I will sell just digital products. I activated Sandbox mode and I followed the article at https://sellacious.com/documentation/plugin/paypal-standard.html.
Checkout process works fine, client is able to complete the payment by means of PayPal but not to download the product.
How can client download digital products ? After purchase no automatic download starts.
I attached some images.
Img1 shows how I set a typical digital product.
Img2 shows order details but no download button is shown.
Do I need to select something to allow users download digital products automatically after purchase?

Please let me know, if you need I can provide superuser account to access the website.

As of now, we don't provide this feature that after purchasing e-product it will automatically start downloading, we have a particular page where a user can see and download its purchased e-product. To create download page menu see screenshot, after logging in frontend a user can see their e-product on that page.

6 years ago
Great, thank you
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