Monday, 13 November 2017
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can somebody tell me please how to create a custom tab in product page like "Specifications"?

And how or where can I set multilanguage for:
1. Sellacious Backend Categories
2. Sellacious Backend Attributes

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6 years ago
understood, but multilingual categories without multilingual attributes do not really make sense??
so, what do you think will be the expected release date for the plugin that can do both?

thanks and best regards

Yes with the plugin you can have multilingual Sellacious Backend Categories as of now but for attributes, you may have to wait for little more. As we haven't created any plugin for that. And regarding the price we haven't finalize any amount yet, we will publish it pretty soon.

6 years ago
ok, and with the plugin I will be able to have multilanguage Sellacious Backend Categories AND Sellacious Backend Attributes?
how much will the plugin be and when it will be released?

Any Sellacious form can be extended by a plugin, and anyone who is familiar with Joomla plugin development can do it for you.
And Sellacious Backend Categories can be Multilingual through a paid plugin which we have already developed and will release it very soon.

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