Thursday, 23 November 2017
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I am actually evaluating Sellacious, along with some other cart plugins, and I am looking for some functionality that seems reasonable, but I haven't found one that does all of it yet.

1. First of all, I need to be able to have a customization text box for a product. Using the standard T-shirt example, this would be a place you could enter custom text to be printed on the shirt. One other cart I've evaluated does this through variants, but I couldn't figure it out in Sellacious. Is it possible?

2. The second is similar, and feels more like variants, but I haven't found a way to do it in any cart I've evaluated. It is the ability for a user to select from a list of features to include in the product. It is different from variants because it shouldn't change the SKU - it is all the same product, just prepared a bit differently. So, again with the T-shirts, say I'm selling a shirt with my branding and it can have:

  • My logo on the left shoulder
  • My brand name on the right sleeve
  • My Slogan on the chest
  • A big stylized decal on the back

The idea here is that they can have one or more of these, in any combination, and I don't have to stock all the varieties - I just print it as configured right before shipping. So I only need one SKU, and anyway, I don't want to have a variant for every combination, because that is 35 different variants, but I am only stocking one shirt. Is anything even remotely similar to this possible?

Keep in mind that these examples are just contrived. My real scenario results in even more variants for each product, which would make the addition of products and product features overwhelming.

Thanks for your help. I'm really liking what I'm seeing of Sellacious, so I'm hoping it can be made to work!

Right now in the release version of sellacious, you cannot do this thing. But these can be done with some plugin development and customisation.

6 years ago
Thank you Asfaque Ali Ansari, for moving my post. I didn't see that there was a pre-sales category.

So it sounds like the bottom line is that the things I am asking for cannot be done out-of-the-box, but would require custom plugins to be written. Is that correct?
Hi Jason Jones,

I did move your post to pre-sales category.

Regarding your request for textarea in product detail page of every product that can be done through a plugin which we have to develop for you. And for the variant with same SKU or you can one product with the different variant in single SKU that can be also done this also need a little customisation.

And our every template is customisable and easy to design, anyone with zero coding knowledge can customise it.
Although we can do that for you with rest of the other customisation, we can discuss further customisation cost on mail ( contact@sellacious.com ).

6 years ago
If I am posting in the wrong place, could someone redirect me?
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