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  Monday, 04 December 2017
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Dear Sellacious Team

The Register Seller page displays an error "Save failed with the following error: Failed to save user registration information. Please enter a username."
The user that wants to register as seller has a client user account and is logged-in.

Hopefully you have an idea how to resolve this issue.

Thank you very much
4 years ago
Last Change: Before the issue occured I moved the joomla and sellacious files from a subdirectory to the rootdirectory of the webserver and renewed the sellacious license. (This change worked without any issues)
Last Troubleshooting Step: I deleted the "Register Seller" link and created it again. (This did not resolve the issue)
4 years ago
Joomla user registration is enabled.

I noticed that the test user "user lastname" does not have a default client category assigned.
If I create a user account using the default Joomla Login module the user does not get the default client category.
Only by using the sellacious menu item (Sellacious » Register) the default client category is assigned.

Still this does not resolve the issue.
Clients that have the default client category can not register a seller account anymore.

4 years ago
The issue seems to be resolved now.

If I create a client account with the default client category, this user account cannot register a seller account anymore.
Instead I can create a seller account directly without having a simple client account before.
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