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Hello, I would like some tips about Sellacious dashboard.

Let's imagine for example that I am a seller.
In November I sell 1 product for a total value of 5 $.
In December let's imagine today) I sell 1 product for a total value of 10 $.
For each product I have to pay the 20% of its value to Sellacious superuser administrator.

Now, what should I see in my dashboard? I guess as follow.
All orders:2
Orders value: 15 $
Orders today: 1
Total revenue: is it referred to the current day or from beginning? In this example would it be 10 $?
Total withdrawal: the same. In my example is it (5*20%+10*20%)?
Total balance: I imagine it is the difference between total revenue and total withdrawal.

Please let me understand how it works
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Hello, please can someone explain how it works?

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