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Hello to ALL

i need latin letters in sellacious example Š,Đ,Č,Ć,Ž how to achive this?? whenever i translate language i get some icons ?
on login page sellacious and when loged on dashboard segment please help it is urgent!!!

best regards
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Asfaque Ali Ansari Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Sellacious fully supports all Unicode characters, All translated language file must be saved as utf8 encoded.
Make sure your text editor is not changing the encoding, in most case MS Word do that.

We recommend you to use Notepad++ and Brackets(Supports Mac also) text editor.

Team Sellacious
Nemanja Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
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Well latin leter showing correctly but latin extended letter not good example(Čč, Ćć. Žž,Đđ,Šš)

i must use hexa decimal code to show them in language
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