Wednesday, 03 January 2018
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Hi Team, in order to put the pricing the seller need to choose own seller name but the screen here is multiple seller. How to limit this to the seller own name.

The seller now is shawn goh and how to limit to choose back own name.
6 years ago
also may i know why is there a delivery details appear when i did not write anything about delivery info?

6 years ago
I also tried to add variant and edit and also got this issue may i know how to solve this?
Hi Shawn,

I checked in your site, by default seller don't have access to edit other seller product price (Seller Specific Tab) but this be change through permissions.

And this happened in your case, in your site's permission setting Edit product pricing was allowed which is why all sellers were able to change price of other sellers.

Although I've resolved it.

6 years ago
Hi asfaque, but my seller's credential show. even a newly registered seller. Can fixed this issue?


Choosing a seller option only shows to super-users/shop-owners, when a seller login through its own login credentials this tab won't show.

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