Monday, 22 January 2018
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If you select "Itemised Shipping" it results in cart showing "TBD" in cart shipping, why is this happening and can it be fixed?

TBD is actually 'To be discussed', and is showing because you must have chosen 'Shipping Rules' along with itemised shipping see screenshot.
To make it work you have to create shipping rules and within that select itemised shipping too.

Can you please screen shot a shipping rule example as I see no way to select itemised shipping in shipping rules.

"To make it work you have to create shipping rules and within that select itemised shipping too"

Send me your site credentials, I'll fix this for you and explain you later also.

Could you please create an example on your demo and add to the documentation as I believe and have seen others that have the same problem. Another issue is that the shipping does not work by taking what’s in the cart a giving a cost but allows the shopper to select what shipping they prefer. This can result in people selecting the wrong or lowest cost shipping.
I like your software and would like to use but we require a system that has shipping that calculates for items in cart and gives a cost. The shipping has become a major issue and is costing us and will mean we cannot use your software. If you fixed the shipping, you would be one of the best on the multivendor solutions and perhaps the best for Joomla.
Hi Adam,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, we are improving our software day by day. We do require feedbacks from our users to improvise the software.
And regarding the shipping thing, we do have improvised it including your point that if its an itemised shipping and there is only one shipping rule then instead of TBD its shows the calculated shipment amount and it is releasing in our next version soon. And if you have any other concern and suggestion which should be added to our software please let us know we will definitely think over it.
You can also connect us over skype for direct communication.
Skype: frontdesk@sellacious.com

5 years ago
So from what I understood there is no way to have shipping in cart?

Personally I would never buy something I don't know the shipping cost so I wouldn't bother to register to another website just to see the shipping costs. Emoticon Unhappy

You mention this will be in next release but only if there is only one shipping rule? If shipping options were at the cart it would be more logical to me.
5 years ago

You can always set the flat shipping amount for the products. That way it'll calculate in the cart and also customers won't select the shipping cost.

Flat shipping amount can be set for each product individually when you select the options shipped by concerned seller and seller set Flat shipping amount. You can also set for this configuration for the whole shop at once with the options Shipped by the shop and use flat shipping amount.

Thank you
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