Wednesday, 14 February 2018
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Hello there, I am encountering some issues with the new Sellacious version 1.5.2 that I downloaded this morning.

1. Img1 here attached shows my website homepage. In top left there is the logo. When I enter into Sellacious shop the logo disappears as shown in Img2 attached. What is going on? (I had this problem with the previous version too, I uploaded the image in Global config --> shop setting --> shop logo. Isn't it the right place?

2. I set up correctly product menu in order to have product SEF urls. It works but at the end of product ulr I see seller name and the number 0 (see Img3). How can I remove them?

3. If I log in as seller, I get strange amount in my dashboard. In Img4 you can see that the total amount of my sales is 20.5€. In my dashboard I get strange values (see Img5). What is going on there?

4. As shown in Img6, may I know how to remove the following elements from product page: product condition, "see shipping in cart" text and seller rate.

Sorry for this long text, I hope to have a help in solving these issues.

Thank you
Hello marco,

Have you upgraded your sellacious or installed fresh quickstart?

6 years ago
Hello Abhishek,

I had the previous 1.5.1 version but Joomla panel did not show any Sellacious update.
Thus I downloaded the zip folder and installed it directly
6 years ago
If you need I can provide you superuser credentials to my website

I need your site credentials to check things, please send me over DM.

And regarding Point 3, 0 is its variant id and after that the seller name. And we will remove this in our next version as sellacious had to be released we couldn't release this in the current version.
And Point 4, Right now it can be removed from the code and we will give an option in our next version to display or not.

6 years ago
I sent credential with PM
6 years ago
Sellacious team solved these issues.
They did a great work.
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