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I have created a custom product page using SP Page Builder, though I am having a problem calibrating a couple of the Sellacious add-ons.

Firstly, the product variant add-on doesn't seem to be showing either a list or drop-down menu despite creating the relevant attributes and variants. When I do not redirect the category to my custom product page the list of variants shows perfectly. Though on my custom page no features are showing.

Secondly, the sold by add-on isn't displaying the correct seller name, only a number. Furthermore, it does not automatically include the returns and exchange information like it does when I do not redirect to the custom template. Again when I do not use a custom product page it is displaying correctly.

Within SP Page Builder I can't see any further options to incorporate such information?

If you could please advise how to correct the above it would be greatly appreciated.

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The latest update has fixed the Sold by issue as the seller name is now displaying correctly. If you could please advise how to display the returns and exchange info as like in the default that would be a great help!
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Hello. How can I set the product page SPPageBuilder as the product page in Sellacious?
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