Friday, 23 March 2018
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hi sellacious team.
nice product so far. but what I am missing is an integration for european shipping companies.
or did i overview some: https://sellacious.com/apps-n-integration.html?category_id=6

there is a great all-in-one shipping tool for europe what i want to suggest, would be cool when you can extend your apps with shipping support for european stores:
here the integration link:
6 years ago

We are interested in the integration. Are you representative of Sendcloud?

If you are, can we talk further about this integration?

Thank you

Team Sellacious
6 years ago
Hi Vijaya Sharma!
Thank you for your answer Emoticon Smile

No, I'm not a representative of this company.
However, I have been looking for a good solution for shipping my products - an all-in-one solution.
I came across "Sendcloud" which seems to cover all my interests for Europe.

There is an integration for all other well-known e-commerce programs, but unfortunately currently for no Joomla Shop component.
If there would be a "Sendcloud" integration it would help me a lot to decide which e-commerce solution I would use in the end.
Hello M,

We are interested in integration, and If you purchase your sellacious license it will give us lot of motivation to finish integration on absolute priority (within 10 days).

If you want to try sellacious out, please try our free version, if you find it satisfactory purchase the license, as soon as you purchase the license we will integrate sendcloud and list it on sellacious appstore within 10 working days of your purchase.

Let us know if you have any further question.

6 years ago
sounds cool.

but i can't install your tool.
first pic shows the error with drag & drop installation on joomla (parsererror)
second pic shows the error when i do it with the "install from folder" option from joomla

please assist me here.
Looks like you are trying to install quickstart from joomla installer, kindly install sellacious or install quickstart as you install joomla, because quickstart already contains joomla.

If you are still finding issues send us the access details of Server on DM and we will look into that.

6 years ago
hi, no i have tested the installer without sample data.

where can i sent you the access details to my development site?
6 years ago
push ... where can i send the login details that you can check the corrupt installation?
6 years ago

You can DM us your login details, which can be open by clicking on the profile you want to send.

Thank you

-Team Sellacious
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