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Hi where and how can I download my Premium Template offered with Lifetime Plan.

When I go to templates and try to download JS Shoes it tells me that I have to pay 59.-

I thought that I get one free of my choosing but I only see Squick template for free...
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Hello Jean-Marc Burri,

Surely, lifetime plan includes a free template with configuration but you can't download it directly. We can download it for you on your server if you want, all you need to do is give us your server credentials.

Also, the latest version of JS shoes is coming soon, either you can wait for few more days or can download it now and update it later.

Thank you

Team Sellacious
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Ah ok I see,

hm we will have to wait then until my testing site is setup. Made a other ticket yesterday because of installation issues.

I guess will be waiting until my first problem is solved.
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