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I have some pre Sale questions:

  • Is the Marketplace frontend and backend available in french for the admin and the sellers ?

  • Using Paypal how sellers and me (admin) are paid by Paypal ? Are they paid automatically with Paypal Adaptive Payments each time there is a sale ?

Right now I am using Techjoomla Marketplace on my site shopservice.ch But your solution looks better and I may switch to Sellacious depending on how the payments system is working. Paypal Adaptive Payment is a very good solution as everything is handled automatically by Paypal.
Thank you for your reply.
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It was answered on email. Posting reply here:

Here are your answers:

1) No, not yet available in French but we will launch 5 language packs french is one of them. 8 week is the timeline.

2) Currently, all payment comes to shop admin, sellacious software calculates how much you own to seller, seller also see his unpaid balance in his inbuilt ewallet, he can use it to pay the listing fee, or buy any stuff on your website, or else he can ask for withdrawal, if he ask for withdrawal you will receive request, which you as admin will pay offline. after admin make the Payment, he can approve withdrawal request and sellacious will permanently deduct locked funds from his ewallet.

We are also coming up with paypal adaptive and stripe connect plugins which can be used for automatic withdrawal.

Some important notes:

Seller will see locked funds until the time refund or exchange period does not expire of the sale made by him in his ewallet.
Seller funds will also stay in locked status when he raise withdrawal request, and deducted when withdraw period is over.
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Thank you for your response :D
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