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  Monday, 21 May 2018
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How can I set the product page in SP Page Builder as the default template for all single products in all categories?
4 years ago
Hello Adesh,

You can set the pages for categories and their products from the sellacious backend.

Below is the link for how to set up sp-page builder addon for category and it's products.


If you still have the query, please inform us.

Thank you

-Team Sellacious
Hello. Thank you for your response. But is there any way to set such SP Page Builder product's page for all categories by default without making it one per one?
In sp page builder you will make just 1 single product template and attach it to all product categories. all products of that category will use same template. You do not need to create template for every product.

Hello Abhishek. I know I can make just one single template in SP Page Builder. What I want to know is that if there is an option to choose such template for all product or categories without having to go to each category and select the template. Maybe an option that says apply this SP Page Builder template to all categories in one step.
Hello Adesh,

As of now, there is no way to make a template global.
Maybe in near future, you will get that option.

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