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  Saturday, 09 June 2018
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Hello team,

when I create a product with 0.00 EUR price, it will not sort right on the product overview page.
If I choose "Order by Lowest Price" the product will not be displayed first!

See: https://www.art-atak.com/joomla/products.html?category_id=74


This feature is already implemented like this i.e, If the price is not defined then it will be listed on the bottom of the product list page.

Thank you
-Team Sellacious
4 years ago
Ok, I don't understand why you guys did it that way...
can you please tell me where to find the corresponding file, so I can edit it myself. I need to list products with zero price first.
Thanks, Angelo
Hi Angelo,

Here is the relative path of the file: components/com_sellacious/models/products.php.
Hide this query ' $query->order('sales_price = 0 ASC'); ' on line number 273 .

Thank you
-Team Sellacious
4 years ago
Hello Teena,
great! Now it is working fine Emoticon Smile
Thank you for your support!
Hi Angelo,

If your issue is resolved then please mark this post as resolved.

-Team Sellacious
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