Friday, 06 July 2018
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I am new to sellacious and still trying to figure out some things. But I also have a question as I didn't find anything in Documentation.

I am making a multilingual website for a non-profit group that helps stray dogs&cats in my country and our main language is Greek.

Is there any possibility to have a list of the files needed to make a Greek translation of Sellacious in case I try to make a Greek translation?

Also how are the products (description etc..) get translated?
5 years ago
Привет. Я переводил сайт на русский язык. Скачайте редактор Notepad ++
Откройте файлы по адресу www/site/administrator/language/en-gb/sellacious. Ini и поменяйте значение слов между "ковычками" сохраните
5 years ago
Thank you Алексей
Although I don't understand a word from your language, I could only recognize Notepad++ which I already have and I know about that .ini file but I guess its not just that that needs to be translated so I was wondering if there was any package with all need to be translated. Emoticon Wink

And also need to find out if there is any way to translate the contents also not just the strings.
5 years ago

Thank you Алексей for your answer, As Currently, It's the only way to translate the site.

And Anthi this is the translation of the answer of Алексей.

"Hey. I translated the site into Russian. Download the Notepad ++ editor
Open the files at www / site / administrator / language / en-gb / sellacious. Ini and change the meaning of words between "quotes" save."

However, Anthi if you wait for our next Sellacious release, You'll be able to translate your site into 70+ languages very easily.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
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