Wednesday, 11 July 2018
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I am facing two issues.

1) Each time I copy a product, I get two products. One is fine and the other is marked as not selling. On renaming one, the other also gets renamed.

2) On clicking "Refresh Cache" on the Product Catalogue page, I am getting an error

Error SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1118 Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some columns to TEXT or BLOB may help. In current row format, BLOB prefix of 0 bytes is stored inline.

Please advise what to do.
5 years ago
Hello Sauk,

We're not able to reproduce the error you're having.
Can you send us your site credentials so, we can look into it more?

Thank you
-Team Sellacious
5 years ago
Where should I send the details? Posting the details here will make the passwords public.
5 years ago
There are more issues -

a) The number of variants is being incorrectly reported on the backend.

b) I have created a product and saved it. Now, each time I edit and save it, I get an error saying that the category is not selected and I am unable to select the correct category.
5 years ago
Hello Sauk,

You can DM me your site credentials so I can look into ASAP.

Thank you
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