Wednesday, 14 November 2018
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The original product URL when using Sellacious 1.5 was


After upgrading to 1.6, the URL to this particular product changed to


Also, after upgrading to 1.6 many of the product variants are not reachable i.e on clicking the variant under the main product, a different product loads.

This works alright if under Settings > Global Configuration > Frontend SEF URL > Category levels in Product URL is set to 'Yes'. However, in this case the URL is still different from Sellacious 1.5 and also it is very long i.e


Is there a way to remove shop-central and / or 'steel' from the URL?

Also, the menu item created for the parent category is showing an entirely different URL i.e.

https://website/shop-central/carbon-steels/mild-steel-ms/ms-square.html inconsistent with the actual product variant URL. Is there a way to have a consistent, logical and clean URL for the main category, category , product and product variants ?

One very good thing about this release 1.6 is that the breadcrumb is reporting the entire path to the product variant and is complete and correct unlike 1.5 .

Await your reply.

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