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Before purchase we are trying your product. There are 2 things I need to know how to do and that will determine our purchase. We are selling Blueprint plans as Downloads ONLY. No tangible goods just downloads. My question is this...

1. - Can I add a product to show a customer in a preview and NOT show the price until they click more information or view full detail on product and then the price will be displayed. ( I don not want a customer to see the price right under the image or file).

2. - How do I add products that you can search my "square footage"? Example 1420 ft, 1200 ft? Can tags be used to accomplish this?

If you can tell me how to accomplish this then we will try it and purchase it.

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This seems to be a duplicate of the question posted here:

We have replied to your question on the other thread. Let's continue on that to prevent any confusion, So, i am closing this discussion here.
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