ive created a website using helix ultimate and sellacious alpha.The add to cart on the home screen seems to break when its clicked.Using alpha it produces an error "The most recent request was denied because it contained an invalid security token. Please refresh the page and try again" but the product will be added to cart.it only happens on the home page.

The continue shopping button after adding to cart does not seem to work too using helix ultimate,it cannot be clicked but when switched to helix 3 it works.
ive attached the files below.i understand helix ultimate uses bootstrap 4 instead of 3,could be the reason.could you therefore make sure sellacious is compatible?or im doing something wrong?
thanks in advance
if needed i can provide credentials
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Hello Victor,

The issues you're having are because of the conflicts between Bootstrap 3 and 4, However, we're working on it and will lanch it soon.

Once it released I'll update this post for sure.

Thank You
-Team Sellacious
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