Hey there,

I'm just wondering how to edit the invoice template in Sellacious. Here in Austria we have legal invoice requirements which do not match with the template provided by Sellacous.

How to edit the template?

Furthermore I'd like to add addtional checkout fields as configured as following:
What could be the reason it is not working?

Thank you very much.

Thomas Übellacker
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I am also stuck at modifying the Order/Invoice/Receipt template modifications.
Can someone share something on it?

Thanks & Regards,
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Hello All,

Sellacious is going to introduce a template manager for order and invoice for backend and frontend in next release. Or to edit the templates from the code directly, follow the below direction:-

For frontend >

Go to ../templates/squick(or template you're using)/html/com_sellacious/order there are the files for the invoice, print and receipt.

For Backend >

Go to ../sellacious/components/com_sellacious/layouts/views/order. There are the files for order history, receipt, invoice.

I hope this helps.

Thank you
Team Sellacious
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